Houctong is a new brother that came to know the Lord just a few weeks ago. He was invited to come to the church by one of the brothers from our congregation, Salomon. After he had gone to several of the services in our church, he told me that after hearing the preaching of the Word, it was clear that the Lord had changed his life. For many years this man worked as a fisherman. He told me the following:

“Pastor, I traveled around the world in a fishing boat with a Spanish company. That boat suffered a shipwreck and everyone on the boat died, except for one other Peruvian man and me. I now believe that it was because God was determined to save me from my sins, and I thank my God for rescuing me. The other Spanish workers insulted us, asking us why it was that we Peruvians survived and not the other Spaniards. But now I understand that it was only by the grace of God that we survived.”

The 25 of December he asked me to come and teach in his home. I went, along with a couple other families from the church, and we had a service there with his wife and one of his daughters. I ask you to pray for the salvation of his family.