The Lord gave us the opportunity this month to travel to the jungle here in Peru in the region of Uracuza. I traveled with another elder from the church and one of the deacons. It was a long trip, but very encouraging as we found ourselves with a group of pastors from different churches, as well as the believers from the church in Uracuza. 

There were seven pastors present. I was especially encouraged by pastor Alfredo, who had traveled a tremendous distance to be with us. First, he had to walk many miles, and then he had to take a boat for a day and a half down the river. When he arrived, he was full of joy.

We gave them books that HeartCry had donated for the pastors. These books will be very helpful to the men in their ministries. The pastors asked me to teach from the Scriptures for several days, and they insisted that we continue coming back to teach. I taught on the heart of the pastor and the work of the pastor, and spent a lot of time talking about Psalm 23.

After the days of teaching, the pastors agreed that it would be a good for one of them to travel back to Paita with us, where we could give him some more resources from our church. They would like to translate those resources into their Aguaruna language. They decided that pastor Taky would return with us, and I was able to spend three more days with him in Paita teaching through some of the resources. 

The pastors want to know more about the doctrine of the Scriptures and they have asked me if I could return and teach their churches on that doctrine. The classes will have to be translated from Spanish into the jungle language, since nearly all of the members do not understand Spanish. 

They also said there are many churches further down the Santiago River, which is very far from Uracuza. For financial reasons it’s difficult for those pastors to travel up to Uracuza, so they’ve asked if I would travel down the river to spend some time teaching there. 

I ask you to be praying for all of these pastors and the churches in the jungle.