Beloved brothers and sisters, we are living in difficult times in this country, and more than anywhere, here in our city. The crime has increased in an alarming way in this zone. It has increased so much that each week we hear of more people murdered by the criminals who rob people and then take the life of their victims.

Two brothers from the church, Solomon and Wilberto (my brother), both went through very difficult moments this past month. Solomon was assaulted two times. The first time they stole 10,000 Soles ($3,160) and the second time they stole 10,600 Soles ($3,347), but in both cases our God guarded his life.

My brother Wilberto was assaulted in his home. The thieves entered into his house and grabbed him, his wife, and their one and a half year-old daughter. They took the little girl and held her at gunpoint with a pistol so that Wilberto would give them all of the money that he had in the house, along with his computer. They then hit him in the head with the pistol.

In these hard times, God has really strengthened our brothers Solomon and Wilberto. Please, pray for them. It’s hard for them to go to work now because of the fear that everything they earn for their families will be stolen from them.

There have been threats made against the leadership of private schools, and we are taking greater security measures for our families, since we head up a Christian school here. We are praying for God’s protection for me and my family, and all of the brothers and sisters in the church.