We give thanks to God for His grace and mercy. On the 3rd of September, my brother Carlos and I were assaulted and robbed. Six men rushed our car with firearms and broke in through the windows while we were driving home from the bank. It was a very difficult moment, and fear overtook us. But thanks to God who is our Fortress, we were comforted and encouraged, and we give thanks to God for everything. We immediately informed the authorities, the national police, and God allowed me to meet several of the police officers.

After a week, as the whole situation began to settle, I decided to return to the police station in order to preach the Gospel to the officers. The Lord opened a door for me to speak, and several of the officers sat down to listen to the Word of God. When I had finished, they asked me to continue visiting them to speak with them. Also, I asked them if they would be willing to allow me to speak to the prisoners that are detained there, and they accepted my request. They have agreed to schedule a time for me to preach in the prison.

We give thanks to God for this opportunity to preach the Gospel to the authorities. On top of all this, I have a meeting scheduled with the mayor of the city in order to share the Gospel with him as well. Please, I sincerely ask you to be praying for these opportunities, that the Lord would give me a word to speak and that he would enable me to preach the Gospel. Pray for the salvation of the mayor of the city of Paita.

Also, please pray for Paita. The crime has drastically increased in this city. A few weeks ago a group of armed criminals attacked one of my neighbors in his own home and they held his two small children at gunpoint until he gave them the money from his business. These types of crimes and assaults are occurring everyday in this city. Please pray for safety for my four children (two teenage boys and two little girls) and my wife. My two little girls are often afraid for me when I leave the house. In everything, my beloved brothers and sisters, we give thanks to God because all of this is His will, and His will is perfect.