Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many people in Japan celebrated Father’s Day, and in this society, many men receive praises because of the provision they give at the cost of overworking and not being at home. However, does the God-given conscience that makes fallen man provide and protect our children, makes us right with God? 

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children…”

Matthew 7:11

Let’s remember that every right action towards our children doesn’t change the fact that men are evil and sinful. Praise God that it is through the cross that God’s people can celebrate special days and be recognized without shame and guilt because our sins were nailed to the cross. Let’s pray for a life of gratitude, persevering in joy and holiness 1 Peter 1:15-16.

I have been rereading Isaiah and it is a good reminder not to grow weary in sharing the Gospel with patience, faith, and thanking God for the privilege. Even though Japan doesn’t have the visual financial needs that other developing countries have, there is a reality of judgment that is upon every man and God will destroy all the prideful who are not washed by the blood of God and His forgiveness. Let’s continue asking God always to renew our desire to keep persevering in prayer and sharing the Gospel even though we are in a context or a nation that mocks and rejects the extended hand of our Lord Jesus offering forgiveness and patiently withholding with the other hand His wrath.

May I ask you to pray for the spiritual needs here:

Please help us pray for a Brazilian man that used to attend our church years ago. We shared the Gospel with him for almost a year until he decided to stop coming and moved to another city. Last week the Brazilian Embassy contacted us telling us that he was hospitalized in a coma and that they couldn’t find family members or friends to assist him. Please pray for this man to wake up from the coma, for us to contact and coordinate assistance with his family in Brazil. Pray especially for God to give him the opportunity to wake up, hear the Gospel again, and be saved.

Please pray to God because we can see our children growing in reading their bibles by themselves; please help us to pray so the mercy and grace of our Lord will save them and use them for His glory.

Thank you always for holding the rope in supporting the sharing of the Gospel and planting of a church in Tokyo, Japan.