Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Every time we have a baptism, we rent a park next to the river. But these months in Japan, the parks are closed because of the prolongation of the state of emergency. Praise God that even though we have been postponing the baptism of a Peruvian Japanese young man, we have been blessed as a church seeing him grow, serve and share the Gospel. Please join us in praying and praising God for the miracle of regeneration and for the baptism that we are planning to have at the end of June.

Eight years ago a Peruvian lady became a Christian at our church, and since then she has been attending our church with her agnostic husband. During these years, even though our church developed a friendship with the husband, he has constantly been refusing to think about creating the world or accepting that God exists or that Christ is God. He doesn’t argue against the Bible during all these years, but he also doesn’t want to even think about eternal or spiritual things. But through the preaching of God’s word for eight years, I could notice that his blindfold was falling. So last week I confronted him with the same questions that he has been evading for years, but he answered differently. He said that after all that he had heard from God and had seen here and in my family, he now believes in God. So after I asked him who is that? Just a force or the God of the Bible? He answered: Christ is God.
He started asking me to pray for his salvation and that God will help him surrender and be forgiven by him.
Please help us pray for this man that is being set free from a life of lying to himself that there is no God and that the word of God will continue breaking his pride and that in humility, he will bow down to Christ.

Praise God that He is blessing me every week for the past months with the opportunity to coach as a volunteer at an international school. The great part is not that I can coach just skills and tactics, but that I have also been able to share the Gospel. Last week was the Seniors’ last practice day, and I gave them a goodbye message. The first time I shared with them, there was a lot of indifference, and many showed me the “I don’t care” face. But praise God that after all these months, after I finished sharing the Gospel and writing “Remember the 10 commandments” on their t-shirts, they responded with gratitude. Even some of them came to say thank you for caring about them personally. Please help me praying for God to save these young men here in Japan, for the ones who leave and the ones who stay.

Thank you always for your prayers, support, and encouragement, for holding the rope joyfully in this well of missions here in Japan.

In Christ,

Tokyo – Japan

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Outreach in Zizin

Outreach in Zizin