The Lord allowed us to organize and carry out for a second time the Expositive Preaching Workshop with the support of the ministry “The Charles Simeon Trust.” There was an attendance of 45 brothers, who are pastors or who are in formation to become pastors. They came from our mission points outside of Barcelona as well as from other churches. All the participants left very motivated to improve in the preparation of their sermons. This time, both Pastor David Barceló and I were part of the lecture team, along with Jeremy Meeks and Robert Kinney.

Three brothers who live in Paris and who are leading a small Spanish-speaking church in the process of planting were also participating in the workshop. Samuel Barceló visited them at the beginning of the month, after after talking with them about their need for help. We think it is a good opportunity to serve the Lord by helping this small church. We are praying to the Lord for wisdom to be able to support these brothers. It is a new front of work for us, and we take it joyfully, seeing that even outside Spain we can serve the Lord through a ministry of formation, accompaniment and counseling. We ask for your prayers for this group, considering how difficult the gospel ministry can be among the French people.

Brethren, the work of the Lord in Spain continues to grow and we see with great joy that the Lord continues to call sinners. In this ministry, the support of HeartCry has been very important. Thank you very much, dear brothers and sisters, for your support and your prayers for us. The Lord fill you with blessings.