I write to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with a heart that is very grateful for your contribution to the extension of the Kingdom of the Lord in Spain. I have much joy and gratitude for each one of you, and although I do not know all of you personally, I pray for you each day that the Lord will keep you and hold you at all times.

In this month of November we are very grateful to the Lord for the care he has taken with us at the family level. My three children and my three grandchildren are well, enjoying health and good cheer in the things of the Lord.

The work in the local church of Barcelona goes on. This month we have advanced in the idea of creating a Ministerial Academy, focused on the training of people who may in the future serve the Lord in local churches. There is no ministerial academy with reformed convictions in Spain, and we believe that it is very necessary in this country. We hope that we can move in that direction with the guidance of the Lord, so that the academy can start next fall of 2018.

This month we were participating in the Passion for the Gospel Conference in Madrid. It had an attendance of approximately 500 people and Pastor Mark Dever, from Capitol Hill Church, came to preach. Some of the brothers came from the various works we are supporting through the Macedonia Project. It was a very special time of fellowship and pastoral edification. With regard to Valencia, the group is taking courage as they plan to rent a place to meet soon. Many of the works within the Macedonia Project need trained leaders, and we believe that they would be the main groups targeted for the Ministerial Academy.

Also in Madrid, I was one of the men appointed to teach the Simeon Trust Expositional Preaching workshop (above photo). Around eighteen brothers participated and it was a time of mutual edification.

In my home church in Barcelona, I had the privilege of teaching a group of young people on the topic of courtship. It is an important and necessary issue among our young people. I was also preaching in a church near Barcelona that is interested in the doctrines of grace. Also in this month, I started organizing the next 9Marks-IEG Weekender that will take place at the end of January 2018.

This month has been a blessing, with a lot of work, but I have great joy to be able to serve in the cause of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The Lord continues to take care of His people. I continue to pray to the Lord for the ministry of HeartCry and for all of you who support and donate to the work.