Dear brothers and sisters,

Last year has flown by and this newsletter was written at the very end of it. I’ve regularly kept you ‘in the loop’ regarding happenings within our family and of course regarding the ministry work that we’ve been involved with over the last year. It’s unknown how many speaking engagements I had. Plus there were numerous pastoral counseling sessions. Countless emails with questions were answered. Time and time again the Lord gave health, strength, wisdom, courage, and much joy, as He enabled us to do the work. Also financially our Heavenly Father provided for all our needs over the past year. We don’t really like to speak or write about money, and yet we continue to need it to be able to survive as a family and to be able to do our work. Last year once again there were sufficient financial means to pay our bills. You were a very important link in this. Thank you so very much!  We are very grateful for every kind of support. It’s amazing to see ‘how’ the Lord burdens hearts each time to be connected and involved with our family and our ministry.

At the beginning of December I spoke in the city of Meppel and was handed an unusual ‘For Sale’ sign. I’m very familiar with these sort of signs, as I placed many of them in front of houses during my time in the real estate business as agent and appraiser. But this particular sign is a very special ‘For Sale’ sign. Let me explain: the sign (aside from John 3:36 and Matthew 11:28) says, ‘By no means FOR SALE – free’. The day after I received the sign, I affixed it to the window of our living room, while praying in my heart, ‘Lord, let these Bible verses make many a passer-by think…’  Several of our neighbors already made surprisingly positive remarks.

During the weekend of 7-9 December we had a very blessed Bible study conference at the venue “Het Brandpunt” in the town of Doorn. The conference was completely booked full and the theme was “Contentment in the Life of a Christian”.The basis of the theme was Philippians 4:11b, ‘For I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.’  I taught this subject in five different studies. Hearts seemed to be spiritually open the whole time and the Holy Spirit had much opportunity to work. There was a hunger and thirst for God’s Word. There was true fellowship and camaraderie. In short: it was a precious and unforgettable weekend! We are planning another Bible study conference for 2019. We hope to meet in the venue “‘t Vierhouterbos” in the town of Vierhouten. It’s a beautiful accommodation in a gorgeous setting, especially the fall season. People were so enthusiastic about the weekend in Doorn that the Bible study weekend in October of 2019 has been completely booked full already.

The new year offers plenty of opportunity to preach the Gospel in many places and different meetings, both during the week and on weekends. We have also have Bible study trips on our schedule, to Israel in the spring and to Switzerland in the summer. Please keep praying for this work and for our family. 

We’re ending this report with the same words as with which we started: the year 2018 is now history. Looking back at the past year and looking forward to this coming year, we testify and profess the words of Psalm 39:7, ‘And now, O Lord, for what do I wait?  My hope is in You.’

We wish you God’s indispensable blessing and nearness for the near future and all the best for this new year! May the joy of the Lord be your strength (Nehemiah 8:10)!

Please, receive our loving greetings

and God’s rich and indispensable blessing,

Jacques & Annette,

Levi, Boaz, Jesse & Juda Brunt