Jacob Mwila is a church planter sent out of Central Baptist Church in Chingola to Solwezi, an area in the northern part of Zambia. Solwezi is the last provincial capital in Zambia to receive a reformed Baptist church. Jacob has been laboring here for approximately one year and his work presents us with a clear picture of what church planting in Zambia, with its challenges and struggles, looks like.

Weekly Meetings

The following is a list of our weekly programs for strengthening and admonishing one another, for evangelistic purposes, and for the worship of our great God: Sunday worship service, Wednesday Bible study, and a Saturday youth program.

Our Sunday attendance has known its fluctuations. Though it has risen and fallen, it has stabilized to an average of about 20 persons. This is primarily due to the nature of some of the brethren’s work and travel, which may require their attention on the Lord’s Day. Lately, the Sunday sermons have largely been on sanctification, with an evangelistic approach to cater to both Christians and non-Christians.

The Wednesday Bible studies from the book of 1 John have been very encouraging, interesting, and indeed useful for spiritual growth.

The Saturday youth meetings have also continued. The first part of our meeting is spent playing either indoor or outdoor games. The second part is spent on teaching the Gospel to the young people. It is encouraging to see that there is a steadily growing interest in this meeting from the young people.

Children’s Ministry

The children’s ministry has lately suffered a sudden decline. Busy schedules have befallen all five of the teachers that were enthusiatic and committed to this ministry. Join with us in praying for its resuscitation. This is one of the ministries heavy on our heart.

Challenges and Progress

My last report revealed a major challenge regarding our locally-based man power. Church planting demands teamwork. We are now seeing a ray of light in this area, as a team is forming up. The exercise of constituting a membership is also getting serious, with some people coming into town and identifying themselves with us. Taken together with our evangelistic contacts, it is encouraging to see that there are people willing and ready to do something for God, though the number is still small.

With the minimum number of ten believers required for church registration, we are now thinking seriously in terms of this. Pray with us as we start this process, that it may happen with few hurdles. Pray also that these will be men faithfully committed to God and his work.

Evangelism is of great importance to the church and as much as we make it a part of our church activities, we still need to do much more. House to house evangelism has been our strategy lately and our prayer and desire in this approach is to win people already settled in our vicinity, God granting.

Prayer Items

  • Thank God for a team forming, especially that now we can think of church registration
  • Thank God for the support from the HeartCry brethren
  • Thank God for a meeting place
  • Pray for a church plot to be acquired
  • Pray with us for the church registration exercise
  • Pray for greater commitment to God’s work as a church
  • Pray for conversions in the youth ministry
  • Pray for a revival of the children’s ministry
  • Pray for much involvement in evangelistic efforts and that souls may be converted