We are continuing to study the Word of God as a church through expository preaching and we are now in the fifteenth chapter of Matthew. In the same way, the systematic theology classes are continuing to be held every Monday, which we hold in different families’ homes each week.

We are very encouraged by the way God has been working in our lives, and we believe, as a result, in the lives of the brothers and sisters in the church. I want to tell you about a family that has been visiting us for the Wednesday services. We cannot be sure that they will continue visiting us, though we really hope they do. The lady, providentially, is someone that I had visited three years ago in her home in order to share the Gospel with her and her family. It was during a time when her daughter was going through a very difficult time because of her health. For nearly three months I had gone to visit them in their home and teach the Gospel to them, but after that we lost contact when we moved to Nueva Esperanza on the other side of the city.

My wife and I were out buying lemons a month ago close to our home, when the neighbor began talking to us about a lady who had just moved in. To our surprise, it was the same lady that we had visited for those two months on the other side of the city. At first, she did not recognize me, but later she realized who I was and was surprised to have come back into contact with me. She was even more surprised to know that she now lived so close to our house. We told her about the church plant and invited her to come listen to the Word of God.

Pray with us that God would give her faithfulness to continue coming and listening to the Word of God, and beyond that, that she might come to know the Sovereign God. I am pleading for her salvation, and I also ask you to join me in prayer for her. I believe that all these things that have happened in the providence of God have happened because God in His wisdom and sovereign grace desires to bring her to conviction of sin.

We are also praying for these times of rain in our country. We are about to receive the well-known phenomenon, El Niño. Sullana has already endured two strong rains and many more that were not quite as strong. In a peculiar way, Nueva Esperanza is a zone that’s very vulnerable to the rains, since the buildings are primarily made of ‘quincha’ (coconut tree poles and branches). The building in which the church meets is also in danger. Though the church put forth an effort last year and we were able to build the first part of the building with brick and cement, the other half is at risk. With the two strong rains we had, the building was flooded with water. We are praying to God that the rains not continue, and if they do, that He would give us grace and care for us in the midst of the rains.