In the ministry of the Word in our church, we are continuing our series of sermons through the Gospel of Matthew. God is demonstrating His kindness in the life of each member of the congregation, as he has done over the nearly three years we have spent studying this book. Lord willing, we will be ending this year with four new believers being added to our membership. Our prayer is that it might be God alone who receives all glory and honor in our midst.

Each Monday I am teaching a group of men in the church through essential Gospel truths. My hope is that in time and wisdom, the men in the church can grow in an understanding and love for the fundamental doctrines in order to teach and edify the church. It is also my desire through these studies that some of the men might have a sense of burden for service as deacons and elders. We are praying that in the Lord’s providence, He might make known to us how to think and make decisions biblically, which can only be done by coming to a greater knowledge of the truth through the Word.

In order to better care for the church and help each member grow, I have begun pastoral interviews with each brother and sister in the church. It is well known that a great number of servants in the Lord’s work have neglected the responsibility of pastoral counseling, and as a result their ministries suffer. I want the church to know by experience that their pastor is concerned for their lives, for correcting sinful patterns in love, and for expulsing false doctrine from our midst. Please pray for these visits and times of counseling.

Please pray for me personally, as well. I am aware that each day I need more of God and His grace. Pray that He might make me more conformed to His standards, that my wife might see the reflection of Christ in me.

Please, always pray for us, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.