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Many have written in through our website asking how to pray for Ukraine. Don Currin released an article yesterday which can be found by clicking here. There are 3 missionary families we support in Ukraine asking for prayer. We are monitoring their situation closely, asking the Lord to intervene and provide for all that is needed. The situation is changing rapidly, and only our sovereign God is in control.

As the missionary families we support make their needs known, we are considering every opportunity just as we do regularly. Our burden in posting online is to stir the hearts of saints to pray. Prayer is more valuable and necessary than any amount of money in the world. As God has placed a burden on the heart of so many who have written in, please commit yourself to praying for those who are in harm’s way in this portion of the world.

Surrounding Ukraine we have other missionary families we support that are adversely impacted by the conflict within Ukraine’s borders. HeartCry supports pastors in Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, and across Russia. We have friends and contacts in most countries in Europe – which are all affected to some degree or another by the conflict in Ukraine. A map is posted below for reference.

As you intercede for Ukraine, the citizens, the leaders, and the church, please do not forget to include those in surrounding countries:

  • Pray for pastors and church leaders as they navigate new and difficult circumstances
  • Pray for wisdom from above as pressure, danger, and fear encroach in from many directions
  • Pray for the believers in these countries, that they would remain steadfast in the Lord in the face of upheaval and uncertainty
  • Pray for those who wish to flee to safety, that the Lord would grant safe passage
  • Pray for those who are committed to stay, that the Lord would strengthen them and help in this tremendous time of need
  • Pray for countries whose borders have opened for refugees. This presents an oppurtunity for the church to show hospitality and mercy to those in need. Pray for host churches that the gospel they minister with would be effective unto salvation
  • Pray for the leaders and all those in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-2) that God would grant wisdom and decisiveness as he has raised them up to positions of power
  • Pray that God would remind those who are His of the truth of Proverbs 21:1. He can truly do more than we can ask or think, even in the face of seemingly impossible situations!

One friend of mine said best, “Plead with God for faithfulness. God turned the tragedy of the cross into salvation for mankind. So we pray that the fear and anxiety caused by a nearby war wake people up from their slumber, that they would seek God!”

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