Here is a brief update on our work here:

1. Berkhof

Recently, we submitted Berkhof’s Systematic Theology (in Russian) for printing. The printer has enough time before Christmas to do his work so there is a chance that the book will come off the press by the end of 2013. But more realistically it will be printed sometime in January 2014. 

2. Training

The Summer School of Theology (training conference for pastors) that we had last June went so well that we decided to continue teaching ourselves on a more regular basis. So, we started a proto-seminary of sorts under the name of School of Reformed Theology. The aim is to train pastors and preachers in theology. The structure of the teaching program is the following:

  • Lectures one Saturday a month (pastors can hardly give more time to travel here).
  • Reading and writing between the lecture Saturdays.
  • After three Saturdays there is an additional Saturday for exams and presentation of the student’s papers.
  • We video record the meetings so that the students who missed the lectures can listen to them later.

There are five local pastors who are able to teach at a good academic level. Between ourselves we can cover the main parts of Systematic Theology and Church History.

The first lecture Saturday took place on Oct 19. The next one will be on Nov 23.

We have about 10 students from 5 different churches. Please pray for our efforts in this, that God would greatly bless the training of pastors in Belarus.