I want to praise God for a very fruitful and encouraging trip to India these past two weeks. I just returned from a one-week visit to North India, followed by a one-week stay in South India, where HeartCry held a training conference for pastors in each location.

Our missionary partners in North India are faithfully laboring for the sake of the Gospel in a heavily unreached area. In fact, only 0.1% of the population of this particular state of India professes Christianity (Operation World, 7th Ed.). These men are striving not only for the salvation of lost multitudes, but also against many false teachings among the Christian population of North India. We were able to teach on some very important topics for the Indian context, including the doctrine of the church, salvation, and healing and miracles. Below is the full list of what was taught at this conference.

The Preacher’s Communion With God

  1. The Priority, Place & Desire of Communion With God
  2. The Discipline & Nature of Communion With God
  3. The Content of Communion With God, Part 1 (Worship)
  4. The Content of Communion With God, Part 2 (Intercession, Provision, Forgiveness, Protection)
  5. The Power for & Hindrances of Communion With God
  6. The Benefits of Communion With God

The Preacher’s Family

  1. The Importance of the Preacher’s Marriage & the Responsibilities of Fathers

A Review of the Doctrine of Salvation

  1. The Importance of Doctrine & the Doctrine of Salvation, Part 1
  2. The Doctrine of Salvation, Part 2
  3. The Doctrine of Salvation, Part 3 (Moral Inability & the Principle of Representation)
  4. The Doctrine of Salvation, Part 4 (Election & the Perseverance of the Saints)
  5. The Doctrine of Salvation, Part 5 (The General & Special Revelations of God, The Assurance of Salvation)

Healing & Miracles

1. True and False Expressions of Healings & Miracles

The Doctrine of the Church

1. The Definition of the Church, Part 1
2. The Definition of the Church, Part 2 (The Head of the Church)
3. The Identity of Leaders in the Church (Elder/Overseer/Pastor)
4. The Responsibilities of Leaders in the Church (Shepherd, Oversee, Teach)

In South India, we taught on the essential doctrine of “The Holiness of the Minister.” Since the integrity and godliness of pastors is so critical to the health of the Church, this theme was chosen. Many of the men who were trained in last Fall’s 40-day Bible training program (led by HeartCry missionary Vijay S.) were present at this conference. It was very encouraging to speak with them about the work they are doing among the tribal group they come from. Below are the topics that were preached on at this month’s conference.

The Holiness of the Minister

1. The Requirement of Holiness for Leaders in the Church
2. The Mortification of Sin of the Minister
3. The Humility of the Minister
4. The Prayer Life of the Minister
5. The Motive of the Minister
6. The Evangelistic Passion of the Minister
7. The Devotional Life of the Minister
8. The Suffering of the Minister

It is a privilege to labor with our missionaries in India for the sake of the Gospel, and I look forward to future visits with them later this year. Please pray for them as they work hard in the vast and difficult land of India, “striving together for the faith of the gospel; in no way alarmed by [their] opponents” (Philippians 1:27-28, NASB).