Praise the Lord. HeartCry is excited to announce the availability of a new resource in Tamil. The book A Call to Prayer has been translated and now available in print. This short booklet, which was written by JC Ryle in the 1800s, has stood the test of time, and made a tremendous impact in the lives of many. 

Ryle simply asks the question: “Do you pray?” Then, with great warmth and a pastoral heart, he reminds the readers of the importance of private prayer. We trust and pray that this resource will encourage the heart of everyone who reads it. That through this resource- men, women, and children will see the incredible privilege that has been granted to them in Christ Jesus, and will ultimately find themselves seeking the face of the Savior in prayer. 

If you live in India, and would like to take advantage of this resource, please email us at: [email protected]