Please continue to remember David Vale as he transitions into more of a full time ministry role.  David requested special prayer this month for his mother and sister as they adjust to Marian Vale’s death. 

Assuming the mantle of his father’s ministry, Marian is seeking to balance school with the demands of his father’s ministry. This month he shared a few of his experiences:

“We had several events in the children’s ministry this month when the children came to play different sports.  New children and young people came on these occasions. The children attend the Sunday morning service twice a month, as we are trying to help them integrate in the church. We teach them Bible verses and songs on Saturday and they recite and sing them in church on Sunday morning.

The Adults’ Ministry in Fundeni

I kept visiting the believers. I managed to visit all the church members, encouraging them from the Word. We read the Word and prayed together. I also met their non-Christian family members and tried to share the Gospel with them. Two brothers keep attending the church and the catechesis course. They are serious and love the Lord.

The believers want to renovate the interior of the church building. We need to paint the walls and change the floor. We pray that the Lord would give us the resources that we need. Brother Moise Marin is going to help the church in this process.

We studied God’s Word this month and prayed. We fasted two days a week for the needs of the church, for the believers who need help and their families and for our village. We had a series of sermons this month on major theological doctrines. We also meet for prayer and Bible study on Wednesday night.

I attended the evangelistic outreach with the Heartcry missionaries which took place in Tamasi.

The Adult Ministry in Pantelimon.

There is a sister in Pantelimon who wants to get baptized. Her name is Gaby and she is 45 years old. She has been a widow for about 6 years and has a daughter who is married with a little boy. They live together close to the church. Gaby is a very serious lady. She had come to church a few years ago when she was very sick and we prayed for her. She has attended the church on a regular basis in the last month. Nicoleta has also started attending the church in Pantelimon. She wants to listen to God’s Word. May God touch her heart and regenerate her!

Pantelimon is our mission point where I visited several families there. One of them was brother Vasile’s family. He hasn’t come to church lately. His family asked me to visit them more often as they want God’s Word to be preached in their home. So, we started having a small group at their place. This family loves to listen to God’s Word and they want to be with God. We pray that the Lord would work in each one! 

I made several evangelistic visits and met a family that was willing to come to church. They asked me to give them a ride to church since the husband can’t walk. Please pray that God would search this family!”