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Jaime is an engineer. He came one day to a study that we have in the home of a member of our church. While we were studying the Scriptures, Jaime began speaking in a very haughty and arrogant way. He is a politician and an administrator by profession. However, in the midst of the eloquence, he was confronted with the question, “Why do I always feel so empty?” Despite having attended many different denominations and religious centers, he still found himself with a great lack of peace in his heart. 

Through this question the Lord opened to door in the life of this man for the gospel to be preached. We spoke to him about how the Lord designed us. From Genesis, we talked about how man is a religious being. We looked at Romans 1:18-32 and saw the guilt of man before God because of his sin. We saw the empty religiosity of man in Romans 2. 

We spent nearly half an hour talking about this theme, and afterward, the man was silent. All of his eloquence was lost. He put his hands on his head and said, “Now I understand the path that I am on.” At that moment he began to shed tears and didn’t say another word for several minutes. Finally, he said, “I want to know more.” He asked us to continue reading in chapter 3 and we read verses 21-24. After we read these verses he said, “I want to continue getting to know Jesus Christ.” 

It was through this conversation that Jaime began attending our congregation. We are trusting in the Lord to continue doing His work for the glory of His Name.

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A Time to Speak

A Time to Speak