“How precious is Your loving-kindness, O God!!”

I am still here, trying to be a good and faithful servant of Jesus Christ. My dear friend Dinar and I spent about two hours at his friends’ house where we preached the gospel to a thirty-year-old man and his mother. Please pray for the salvation of their souls! I think and pray a lot about the ministry of evangelism on the streets, which is a continual practice of Christianity. I want to have the foundation and confidence from Him, that He is the one calling me to it and not some religious consciousness based on the good and courageous example of others.


After that meeting, I spent the whole night talking to my wife, Liana, and praying with her to the Lord. She wisely inspired me with the testimony of humility and beauty of Jesus that was shown through one Saint. God used this to minister to my soul in a great way Though I slept for only a few hours I woke up refreshed and peaceful. I woke David and Angelina (my children) up to go to school, and while we had breakfast, I spoke with them about the beauty of Jesus in the Scripture (Exodus 39-40 and Psalm 44) – “How precious is Your loving-kindness, O God!”

Recently Liana had a birthday and she asked me not to tell anyone, but instead to spend the first half of the day with her and the children and then to invite Christians to have fellowship in the afternoon. We invited two families that we had some problems with in an effort to strengthen our relationships. I had prepared questions on the topic of “Christian friendship” and we stayed up late. Even though Liana had to work a lot taking care of the guests and helping with the kids, she was thrilled to have a birthday like that. It was good and warm fellowship between us – people united by the salvation of Jesus Christ and our service to Him.

I learned a very important lesson from this fellowship: Changes in the way these families treat us are in some way connected with the changes we first made in treating them. They can now be joyful and peaceful with us and we rejoice that they have Jesus in their lives. I realized that this is an important principle of Christian friendship: To receive people the way they are and work on the righteousness of your own heart first. It is the way His sanctifying glory leads the church! I desire to be more like Jesus in His love for the Father and His love for others!

Please support us in prayer:

  1. For the awakening of our children’s hearts to the Lord – David and Angelina
  2. For there to be faithful and daring evangelism in the life of our church