Miguel Carhuapoma In Chipillico

In Chipillico, people are beginning to be very worried about the virus. There have been several people in our small community that have died already. In our church, we lost a brother named Rodrigo, who leaves behind his wife Francia. 

With all of the uncertainty, a lot of people have expressed concern for their souls. I’ve been visiting a lot of families in our town and many have said that as soon as the virus is gone, they will begin attending the church. I expect that many will come.

One of the families I visited is that of a man named Juan who is a believer. His wife’s name is Camila, and she was not a believer. When we arrived at their house, she told me, “I want to repent. How do I do it?”

We began to explain to her what biblical repentance means. I told her, “Repentance is not just a decision you make at a moment in time, but it is the act of recognizing how sinful we are before God. It is about seeing our condition apart from Christ. And repentance is calling upon the Lord for mercy. It isn’t merely calling out with your mouth, but it involves your actions as well. It means that your life begins to show to the world that you are a new person.”

When I had finished speaking, she said she wanted to pray. She began to pray and as she did so she spoke with such strength of conviction for God to show her mercy. Please pray for Camila.

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Gathering Again

Gathering Again