In the grace of God the weekly services, cottage meetings, and visitations are going well. A couple of months ago, my younger son and I went to Dehradun. In the grace of God, we attended the graduation of my elder son and his wife from PTS (April 28). It was wonderful time to be there. We praise the Lord for His faithfulness to my son.

Would you please pray? Mr. Jakari and his wife are no longer attending the church because of the outside pressure applied by the society. Though they are older, they are not willing to come to the church. The society has created a problem against them because of their confession of being Christians. I have visited them many times for counsel, but they have not came back yet. I am still communicating with them. Please pray for them.

In the grace of God there are new people attending the church services. Please pray for them, that the Lord would open hearts. We also have an 11-year-old boy at the church that faints from time to time. When he faints, he will remain unconscious for 1 to 2 hours. The doctors are not able to find anything wrong with him. Please do pray for him.

Pray for a meeting that is taking place near the India border. Around 8 to 10 people are gathering together for worship. We are excited to see what the Lord does there.

Once again I would like to give thanks to God for His grace and mercy in helping me in the ministry.


In these days I am teaching about the

“Necessity of the Scriptures”

in our cottage meetings. I am reminding the people about the importance of studying the Scriptures. For it is only through the Scriptures that we can learn about the Lord, His work of salvation, and how we should live. Those who want to know Him must follow His will as unveiled in the Bible.

We recently held baptism classes; in preparation for the baptism program we had this month. On that day, I preached the sermon about the love of God and His work of salvation. It was a glorious time. Please pray for strength for those who were baptized.

Please pray for the Lord to strength the work here. Visitations are joyful, but can also be challenging. I’m visiting with several families who have not been able to attend the church services for various reasons, whether it is because of a village wedding, sicknesses, or false teachers influencing them. Each visit presents its own challenge. Please pray for wisdom as I administer the truth of God’s Word to them.

God is helping me to do His ministry and also helping me to study through the books I have received. I would like to give thanks to God for His sovereign plan. I would also like to give thanks to HeartCry for your great support that helps me minister to my family and church.


Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord. I would like to give thanks to God for leading me in His truth and helping me to grow in His knowledge. God has been so gracious in providing me with Bible training and various books so that we may know the truth and grow in Him.

In this month God has helped me to do my assignment that was given by RBS. In the grace of God, I have finished it and have submitted it. It was wonderful time to spend in study.

We started baptism classes this month, as two men have expressed their interest in baptism. We are walking through the truths about God, sin, the work of Christ, and their response towards the gospel. I am also teaching about the responsibility the believer has towards God and towards the local church. There are also many youths and other believers (who were already baptized) attending this class. Some of the believers attending were baptized many years ago, before I even understood the true meaning of baptism. Most of them took baptism for the sake of healing and many other reasons. This was my fault. I hadn’t understood the truth that I understand today. May God help me to grow in His knowledge, and may I lead them in the right teaching. Please pray.


Alex Palade

Alex Palade