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HeartCry missionary Igor Serement pastors in Anenii Noi, Moldova. During these difficult and trying days his ministry has extended beyond shepherding the saints in Philadelphia Church. Igor and his people with other likeminded pastors and churches have serve their communities with food and care. In his last report, he shares how they are serving the people.

Another month passed by with its challenges. In the first half of the month, we were under a state of emergency. In the second half, we started meeting in the church courtyard. But it started raining at the first meeting, so we went inside and had the Lord’s Supper. I could see fear in the people’s hearts, fear that came from two different areas:

  1. People are anxious and afraid of those around them because of the virus.
  2. The new regulations. People don’t know what to do anymore. They used to shake hands, but now then don’t know how to greet each other. They are afraid that they might be fined by the local authorities.

The situation is getting more intense. I wonder how we can deal with this and how we should minister to the people in a more efficient way. People need more than just messages and encouragement from a distance.

We had the opportunity to distribute about three tons of food supplies in our community. Different organizations helped us serve about 350 families. At our church, we shared food supplies with all those that attended our first couple of church services that we had in the open air. The pastors that distributed these packages visited the poor families in their towns or villages with someone from the town hall. Mariana and I continued to visit the people in Hirbovat where there are several families that really need our assistance during these times.

A woman named Nalea said, “I don’t know what I would have done without your help!” I don’t have a job anymore and I have four kids that stay at home all day long. I feed them once a day now, because I don’t have food to feed them more than once.” Nalea is a single mother with four children. We encouraged her to stay closer to the Lord, telling her that He is our only hope.

One of my brothers-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer. So I spent several days taking him to hospitals and clinics. It’s quite complicated to get a doctor’s appointment now. Most of the hospitals are closed and the older doctors are sent home so that they won’t get infected with Covid. We can only pray now and hope for a miracle from the Lord. But most of all we pray that the Lord would open hearts to the Gospel.