Ps. Javier Cenepa 2019-3

The following is a report from Javier Carhuapoma describing a recent trip into the jungle to train pastors. Javier is the pastor of Maranatha Baptist church in Paita, Peru, and he is also very involved in serving other pastors across northern Peru. On this recent trip, in addition to the teaching, HeartCry was able to provide a number of study Bibles and theological dictionaries for pastors, and also additional Bibles for brothers and sisters in the churches. Please be in prayer for these churches, especially for the pastors that were present at the training as they seek to be faithful stewards in the calling the Lord has given them.

The Lord gave me the opportunity to travel to Uracuza and Cenepa in the jungle to preach the word of God to pastors and other believers. In Uracuza, where we traveled first, there were 24 pastors present, and in Cenepa, a few hours down the river, there were 6 pastors present. Those six pastors could not make it all the way up the river to Uracuza. 

During the days of teaching I was reminded again of the great need that the brothers there have of learning the Scriptures. The challenge for them is the language, since they do not speak Spanish. While we were there, the translation of brother Isaac was a great blessing. The brothers understood the teaching through the translation, and this was evident from some of the questions they were asking afterwards. They came with questions and thoughts that were related with the themes we had been studying.

A great challenge that the churches face in those parts of the jungle is the number of cults that have come in. These cults promise financial help to many pastors and churches as long as the churches agree to join their movement. When we made known to them that our help and service to them is simply to preach the Scriptures and to teach them the whole counsel of God, they were very encouraged and want us to continue coming and teaching them.

Together with the pastors at the training we divided the region into four different sectors for future conferences: Central Uracuza, Cenepa, Atahualpa Loreto, and Rio Santiago. This means that we will have four missionary journeys into the jungle each year where we will preach the Word in each of those four locations. Each time we go we will do a pastoral training and we will also take Bibles for the brothers and sisters in the churches that don’t have one. We praise God for the way He is working in our brothers there to have a hunger for biblical teaching and for their willingness to to trust in the sufficiency of the Scriptures.

Pray for several Aguaruna families that approached me after the teaching to ask for counsel because God’s word had made them realize that the condition of their marriages and their lives was not good. A number of them have determined to set their lives in order before the Lord.