Hector Malpartida, who is pastoring a church in the city of Lima, continues his battle with cancer. Below he shares a brief update on his condition and on some of the ways the Lord is using Hector’s illness for the advancement of the gospel. Please continue praying for Hector, for his family, and for the church he pastors in Lima.

Most mornings I wake up feeling really weak, and today is no different. I don’t have much strength and my body hurts all over. I was scheduled to have an operation, but they have had to postpone it three times. The new date they’ve given me is July 5th. I hope they don’t push it back any further.

In the meantime, the Lord is giving me opportunities to share the gospel in the hospital. I spoke with a seventy-year-old man named Claudio, who is from a city in the North. He was in Lima being treated after he had been attacked and beaten while driving his taxi. I explained the gospel to him and encouraged him to look to Christ as the only Savior for him and I gave him a little booklet with daily Scripture meditations. I was able to spend a brief time speaking with him, but eventually we had to part ways and go to different rooms. So, in these sorts of situations, I have been able to use my time in the hospital to preach the gospel.