This month has brought many important developments to our church. We finished our first cycle of discipleship and we hope to create a culture at our church where people are mindful of discipleship. We have finished talking about the gospel, but now we are going to return to the gospel to talk about assurance. Through this time with the brothers I am trying to prepare them to practice healthy church membership. I am designating some to help me in the work of discipling others. Please pray with me that the Lord would guide me to two brothers whom I can disciple personally.

At our church we have also been developing a prayer ministry called “Raising Up Prayer Walls.” The goal of the ministry is to motivate the members of the church to pray for one another using a prayer guide. I thank the Lord that, through this effort, many of us have been blessed. Several of us have been meeting together in the mornings to pray specifically for the brothers at our church and for those who were with us before but who have strayed.

We have had some recent opportunities to evangelize and to serve our community. We served breakfast for a children’s group in our community. In this way we were able to meet some of the mothers of the children. We have also been working directly with some of the young people. Please pray for our brother Ronal who is involved in ministering to them. The ladies were able to meet this month to plan a Christmas activity, which we use every year in an effort to evangelize.