It is a great joy for me to greet you through this report, and also to encourage you in our common faith to persevere in all that our good God has left for us to do. At the same time, I beg you to pray for me and for the ministry in which I am serving.

This month the church was given an opportunity to serve the Lord through an evangelism event that had been planned from the beginning of 2014. The schedule that we made for different events throughout the year has allowed us to keep in mind the different activities that we desire to do as a church. Toward the beginning of the month we set apart a special time with the neighbors to be able to share the Gospel with them, and it gave me a lot of joy to see the participation of all of the brothers and sisters. We evangelized in the communities around the church location and informed people of our church’s presence and purpose.

We used a tract that I had prepared, and the brothers and sisters all studied the tract beforehand to familiarize themselves. We made hot chocolate to share with the children that attend the church services, which also gave us the opportunity to speak with their parents who do not attend. That day I could see the mutual support of the brothers and sisters, as each of them was involved in the events, and we all rejoiced together in the fellowship and service.

To finish the year together, we had a special meeting on New Year’s Eve where the brothers and sisters spent the evening together and ate a meal of thanksgiving to the Lord for all that he did for us and in us this year. We also spent some time considering the year to come, as we looked together at a plan outlining some of the goals for the church in 2015, as we did last year.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I ask you to pray for the work that has begun in one of the communities near my home, called San Juan de Miraflores. There is a brother there that I have been discipling, along with his family, who has now extended our meetings to more families in the community. Certainly, I do not understand what the Lord desires for that place or my involvement there. Please, pray for the work that is beginning there.