Please join us in praying for Gennady and the church in Irkutsk. HeartCry has committed to provide the funds necessary for the missionary trips mentioned in Gennady’s report below. Pray that the Lord would greatly bless the outreach and church planting efforts of this man.

Peace and grace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank the Lord for His mercy to us, sinners, who are saved according to His grace and mercy, and I’m also thankful to HeartCry for your care and prayers for us.

The Growth Of The Church

Our local church continues growing in the faith and keeps calling sinners to repentance. I continue in expository preaching of the Word of God in our church – a few days ago I started preaching through 1st Peter. I hope God will bless my work to His glory. We are praying and growing in number little by little.

We’re thankful to our Lord for one more lady who started attending the church regularly. And we rejoice about His work in people, understanding that the Lord, not us, is the One who does the actual calling to salvation. And those whom He calls will come to His church and follow Him. We preach the Gospel of Christ to all and invite everyone to come to God, but I noticed more than once that only those who are called by God truly come. It is the same with this lady. When she first came to our church, frankly speaking, we thought it would be the only time of her coming, but she came back again and again. And more than that, she gave up some of her sins, because (as she said) God convicted her and she understood it was a sin! Her name is Anna. Please pray that the Lord would continue to work in her life in a mighty way.

A Missionary Journey To The North

Since last year, when Sergey Mochalov and I went to Yakutia, we have not stopped praying for God to provide a way for us to visit them again. Lord willing, our plan is to visit the church in Yakutsk, where Andrey is ministering as the pastor, and to visit again the dear believers in Srednekolymsk who are without a pastor. Yulia, a sister from Srednekolymsk, has called us recently and said that since our previous visit some new local people started to come to their fellowship, and some of them seem to have been saved and are ready for baptism! For this reason we pray that the Lord will bless them there and allow us to visit them again this summer.

A Missionary Journey To The East

We also hope to visit another church in the city of Plastun, in the Far East of our country – next to the Pacific Ocean. A brother who is a minister in the church there heard our sermons online and has invited us to come and share the Word of God with them in order to help them better understand the truth of Scripture. May the Lord allow and help us to make this journey.

Your brother,