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Pastor Gennady is a pastor of a baptist church in Russia. He takes regular trips north of his hometown to visit believers who are spread out in small villages. He writes below of a recent trip he took to visit those isolated by long distances in a difficult climate.

By the grace of the Lord, I continue to serve as a pastor in my church. This month, the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to visit the children of God in the northern portion of our region, making it to three separate cities total. My trip took a week and a half. Although there were many different roads, we nevertheless had blessed fellowship and meetings with believers. Once again I was convinced how important it is to visit those who are far from the “mainland” and live somewhere on the periphery, in remote places, deprived of the opportunity for regular spiritual fellowship.

Believers of these groups are always glad to see guests. During the entire time that we were there, every day we spent time in spiritual fellowship, dealt with issues of relationships in the church, reviewed several texts from Scripture, and conducted specially called church services where I had the opportunity to preach God’s Word.

In total, on this trip, I drove about 2200 miles by car. Throughout the journey, God protected us and took care of us. Praise the Lord, our car did not breakdown in any way. We so appreciate the generous help of HeartCry in keeping the necessary repairs on our vehicle up to date. For this specific need, we are enormously grateful to the Lord. Without such a gift, we would unable to make trips like these. There are many sections of the road where there are no service stations or populated stops if needed. If a breakdown happens, it is always associated with great difficulties, especially in summer, because there are a lot of mosquitoes and various kinds of pests around. Therefore, we thank the Lord for the successful completion of this journey, constantly being driven to him in prayer asking for help.

We thank you for your help in the ministry, as well as for your prayers for us. May God bless you all, help you in your ministry, and give you everything you need for fruitful and dedicated service to our God. We also pray for you, God bless you.