Praise God for instructing us to proclaim the Gospel without giving up and also for supporting other missionaries and helping people in need no matter what our circumstances (2 Cor. 8).

By the grace of God, we are a small congregation developing in the womb of another church, but through these years we didn’t and we don’t want our circumstances to stop us from supporting other saints in the preaching of the Gospel and to help the real needy and poor.

These months, we praise God because He blessed our church families in working together, both parents and kids in sending goods and finances to missionaries and churches whose ministries it is to share the Gospel with children. Praise God for giving us the privilege to be part of supporting the preaching of His name to children around the world.

Praise God that He also gave us the privilege to support some missionaries in providing them clothes and goods for the elderly victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

After my visits to a Peruvian prisoner in Japan, I shared the gospel with him but I found out that there were more Spanish speaking prisoners in a different prison. I learned that the Peruvian Consulate does some visitations to the prisoners, so I contacted them and asked if I could go with them and be of some assistance. They answered that they didn’t want to give favoritism to any religion, so I asked them if they could take Bibles to give to the prisoners. Praise God that after one week they answered, “Yes;” so, I could deliver to them the Bibles. Two days ago they informed me that the Bibles were well received, so please pray for the salvation of these men who are imprisoned in a foreign country.

Octavio is a Brazilian man who is starting to attend our church regularly. He just tells me that he wants to be a Christian and he wants to know God. He is coming now to our Bible studies and he lives three hours aways from our church. Please pray for the salvation of Octavio and all the Brazilian people in Japan. We are so glad that we cannot be saved in our own strength, but it is the Holy Spirit who makes the miracle of salvation. Please pray for what God is doing in Octavio’s heart and for our Lord to bless him with the miracle of salvation!

Kyoko is a Japanese lady who attends Nicola’s English class. We invited her to our church and praise God that she is coming every Sunday since last month. Also, she came with her grandson last Sunday. Please pray for her and for her salvation and her grandson.

We are praying and finishing our plans for next year as a church, so please help us praying so we live through 2014 walking in the ways God desires for us, answering the challenges and balancing our lives and priorities according to our God’s will.

Brothers and sisters, have a selfless, serving, humble, God’s-beauty-focused Christmas, worshiping not families, fantasies, or expectations, but worshiping and adoring our Creator, Judge, Master, Savior, Rewarder, and Punisher, the Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you,
Luis Ramirez-Thorne