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Brother Sorin Prodan pastors Providence Church of Brasov, Romania and provides oversight for the HeartCry missionaries in Eastern Europe. He and his wife, Trish, have three sons. In a recent report he shares how his ministries fare in the midst of the Covid – 19 virus:

A man of God once said: “History moves in waves, and as we get closer to the shore of heaven, the waves are more and more intense“. This is what I think expresses so well the present days.

The last weeks were full of sad news. A man in his forties who was saved under the ministry of our Moldavian HeartCry missionaries and joined their ministry team, planting two churches, went home to be with the Lord after the infection with Covid-19. Three other pastors from Romania that I personally know and served at times with lost the battle with this virus. But the saddest news for me was the death of one of the most loved and respected men of God in Romania. He was my spiritual mentor for a while in the early years of my ministry. Pastor Vasile Alexandru Talos was a major figure in the evangelical movement in Romania. He had an impact on hundreds of churches and pastors in Romania and oversees. Pastor Talos was used by God to pastor two of the most prominent churches in the capital city of Bucharest, and some other churches in the neighborhood. He taught at the Baptist Seminary in Bucharest and the Emanuel Baptist University of Oradea. He was a great preacher, a man of visions, a man of the Word, and a pastor of pastors. He loved and served the Church to the last breath.  Nothing can replace a man of such caliber. My heart is thankful that I came to know such a man and was able to serve along side of him when he put the bases of a new church plant in Bucharest City.

Our work in Brasov grows in spite of all the government restrictions. We see new people showing up for our services and prayer gatherings. One of them is a man who was an old acquaintance from one of our disability camps. He has two sons with disability. A year ago his wife left him. He attended our services many times. Although I see him wanting to repent, and forgive his wife for her moral failure, he does not seem to be fully committed to seek the Lord. He asks often for prayer support that his wife will come back to him from Italy, and join her family, but he was unfaithful to her during this time. There is much emotional instability in his life, and we have come to realize that only God’s grace and power can give him spiritual and emotional stability. Pray for this man, as we believe he is close to the Kingdom of God.

I served a man who has lost a leg. He is unable to go at times for some things that he needs. So I help him with some major needs. I talked with him often sharing the Gospel, but he shows no signs of repentance. Although he realizes how bad he has been in the past, going to prison for many years, and having to go through the amputation of his left leg, he is still under the bondage of sin. May the Lord have mercy on him! Pray for his salvation.

Another man I served has four young children. His wife died four years ago when the kids were very little, one being a baby. Marcel is a very poor Gypsy with deep roots of sin in his life. He keeps calling me to ask for food for the kids, and firewood, and other needs. I am at times in a battle not knowing how much I should help. He came a few times to church, but there was no conviction of sin. He would have the language of a believer, but he struggles with alcohol and gambling addictions. I feel such pity for the four little kids as they live in dirt and poverty.

At the other end of the spectrum, I served a former University professor that I met in first years after establishing the new church in Brasov. He used to teach at the University, but he was promoted to a higher level in the political structures. He is open to talk about religion, culture, and philosophy, but he does not seem to be touched by the gospel. We maintain our relationship, and once in a while I remind him how things can change in a second. He needs Christ, but he does not understand the gospel. Prayers for him would be much appreciated.

We had a few good youth meetings. I preached once on marriage and a good number of young people came for the seminary. There is a great need for biblical teaching on purity and marriage. We notice that more and more young people in churches are delaying marriage. They are godly and spiritually solid, but quite reserved in assuming the responsibility of marriage.

I visited one of our missions in Dambovity County where I preached on the love of God revealed in the doctrines of grace (Rom 8). The Church was moved, and responded very well. I rejoiced seeing how well our HeartCry coordinator in Romania taught the people in the church he planted. Although many of the believers are young in the faith, they are on a good theological path.