The following report is from a HeartCry missionary in Myanmar. For security, names are given by initials. 

Dear HeartCry, Greetings from S state in our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for the divine providence I witnessed both in the ministry and in my family over the months. And as always, I am grateful for your faithful prayers and supports.

As I asked for your prayer in my last report, I was able to go and teach at the MK Bible training centre for about three weeks in January. We have 20 students this year and seven of which come from China, where I visited last December. Three local pastors who completed their theological trainings in our Bible school and I taught full-time in weekdays. The program runs until March and my co-workers from KT go there in turn and join the team there when I am back to KT. It was a joyous moment, despite many difficulties, teaching them the Gospel message knowing that they, upon completion of the course, will be preaching the same Gospel to their own communities both in Myanmar and in China so that many would be added to the family of God.

The course has been running for five years now and I am directing this ministry. During my time there, I preached at three midweek services in the MK church. In two weekends, I visited four existing churches – preaching at two different churches in a day. The Lord has blessed His churches in that region with sound doctrines of the Bible through the service of His servants like us. Among the listeners were members of Roman Catholics, drug addicts, and animists. The unique opportunity is that they never heard nor will they hear from prosperity gospel preachers because the authorities would not allow the preachers they don’t know to preach in the area they control. And this is the advantage we are taking.

During the Chinese new year festival i.e. last week, our local team visited three animist villages and preached the Gospel to hundreds of people including the chief of local army who knows us and approves our ministry there. There are many great opportunities and big challenges to look forward to in this mission as the region is also a strategic place for training future missionaries for China outreach, which too must be pressed on.

By the Grace of God, there has always been a blessed time for me to be with family and enjoy the precious moments together with loved ones. As for the coming weeks, please pray for my US visa application in next week for the 9Marks conference in May. In addition, please pray for another medical trip to Thailand early next month. After that, I will go and teach at the MK Bible training centre for the rest three weeks of the month. Please also pray for the Youth conference in April to be held at my village where hundreds of people will gather and hear the Gospel. After that conference, I am planning another Gospel trip with local evangelists to at least three animist villages in KT area. Remember that in your prayer too. Finally yet importantly, do pray for the translation work, for me and my wife’s health and for my family as you could see my tight schedule for weeks ahead.

Thank you very much for your partnership and May God bless you.

In His Great Mission, J