Pastor/ missionary Nicu Vulpe captilizes on providential opportunities to share the gospel with people in his community.  He relates a few of his experiences from last month: 

Another good month for the Gospel! The Lord helped us spread His Word this month. We had personal discussions on the street, going from door to door, evangelistic meetings with the adults and children, and at the hospital. I want to share with you several things from our activities.

Mr. Nicu is a man in his 60s. He is known to be a generous man. There were many people in his courtyard when I visited him. Someone shared the Gospel with him some time ago. He has probably had several meetings at his place. He seemed to know these things and he had an attitude of self-contentment. I could see he had this attitude because he was a generous man. Trying to prove to me that he was a good man, he told me he had sold a pig three years ago and was being patient for the money. So, I told him the parable of the fig tree and said that God had been waiting for him for 65 years to pay the debt of his soul. Then I spoke to him about the Lord’s sacrifice, which is the supreme proof of God’s justice (not only His love). In the end, he understood and admitted that he had never submitted to God’s Word. All the people present were very receptive to the Word.

A lady was hitchhiking one day and I gave her a ride. She was going to the hospital, while her husband was at another hospital with their son. This was a great opportunity for me to tell her that there is hope for her soul and it is found in the Gospel. She had heard about us before. I believe that the Lord allowed her to hear the Gospel message so she could know about the comfort that comes from God. I pray that this family will find salvation in Jesus Christ.