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Danut and Lidia Opris serve under the oversight of Hope Church in Dragonesti Olt, Romania. Danut’s ministry involves personal evangelism, discipleship, teaching and assisting in work projects. He is a team player who is a joy to labor with. This month, Danut shares of some of the encounters he has had with people in his community:

I talked to a young man who knew that I was a Christian after he approached me. He said he had prayed that God would forgive his sins. I told him that he needed to put an end to his sins, because he would pray for forgiveness every night and return to them again in the morning. I shared my personal testimony with him explaining to him how the Lord had changed my life.

When people don’t talk too much or when they don’t have too much time, I share with them the gospel as much as I can as I want them to know the important things. I inform them about sin and the Lord’s sacrifice. I shared the gospel with several of the people this month.

I continue to keep in touch with an adult on the phone. He told me that everything was against him and he asked himself if God was still with him. I told him that he should ask himself if he was still with God. I wanted him to search his heart to see if he lived for himself. I told him that there was something in his life that prevented him from coming to God. He has still not been saved yet.

There is an 18-year-old young man who attends the church. He told me he understands my Sunday morning sermons. He also offers to help whenever needed. I asked him if he read his Bible and he told me he rarely did it because he didn’t have time. I told him that we make time for what we love. I told him he would make time to read God’s Word if he really cherished it. I mentioned to him that I read a chapter a day. The next day he came to me and gladly informed me that he had started reading the Bible. I was so happy as I told him he should carry on. When I see him again, I will ask him about this.

I have been disciplining a Rroma young man for many years. I’ve written about him before. His name is Maradona. He’s building a house for himself and when he finishes it he wants to have meetings with his Rroma friends at his place. He asks me for advice and about different Bible verses. I was happy to see that he walks on the path of holiness and is growing into the image of the Lord Jesus.