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Danut and Lidia Opris serve in Dragonesti Olt, Romania. They recently applied for the adoption of a child. Please pray for them as they wait on the Lord’s provision. This past month, Danut was involved in various gospel opportunities which he shares in his recent report:

I attended a youth camp this month that was attended by non-Christian young people and teenagers. We had a worship time, testimonies and a sermon every night. I preached the first night from the book of Daniel and I ended up my sermon talking about the Person and the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. I tried to speak simply and clearly for these young people and they paid attention. We organized groups and in the morning studied the previous sermon in the groups, engaging one another with applications. I was the leader of one of these groups and tried to challenge the young people to search their lives. I also emphasize God’s Word before their minds.

I presented the gospel to a group of Rroma people here in our town. We also helped them with some clothes. They told me that no church had ever visited them. They listened to my message, even the children.

Another day, I talked to an adult who was trying to find some cigarettes on the street. I shared with him about the way in which the Lord had set me free from drinking alcohol and told him that the Lord was able to set him free as well. I did street evangelism, passing out New Testaments and gospel tracts. I talked to several groups of people and shared the Lord with the children. I talked about Jesus with a man who was working on an ambulance and found him interested to read the New Testament.