Praise God for His salvation and commandments; praise God for giving us the privilege and command to preach the Gospel, baptize, and make disciples. This last month, we celebrated our sixth anniversary and we praise our Lord Jesus for His salvation and we rejoice in His blessings, and most of all we praise Him for giving us Himself over all these years.

A Swiss lady heard the Gospel and became a Christian in Switzerland, afterwards returning to Japan to study at a university. Here in Japan, God guided her to our church and she has been worshiping with us, serving, and attending Bible studies since the beginning of this year. Last Sunday, our Swiss sister was baptized at our church’s anniversary.

She shared a powerful testimony of how God changed her and through it all communicated her passion for the Gospel. Our precious God is calling people from many nations, this is why a Peruvian pastor could baptize a Swiss lady in Japan.

We are going to start studying again our declaration of faith in three languages. Please pray so God will give us joy and passion to meditate upon and strengthen our beliefs.

God is blessing our church with more visitors who are listening to the Gospel for the first time. Please pray for Toshiro, Junko, Gloria and Octavio; they are not believers but are coming regularly, interested in listening to more of the Gospel of our God.

We are continuing to search for orphanages to visit and preach the Gospel, so please pray that God will lead us to the right one.

Please pray so our church families always keep balance between work and their homes. Here in Japan the time demands for employees are destructive and there is always constant pressure and threats for Christians who do not want to live as a company slave.

I was invited to preach at the American military church on a Sunday and I will be invited again. Please pray praising God for the privilege that is to share His word and for God to continue transforming the hearts of people.

God bless you,

Luis Angel Ramirez-Thorne
Tokyo, Japan