Anatol Dunas

HeartCry missionary Anatol Dunas pastors the Emmauel Baptist Church in Cahul, Moldova, where he is involved in multiple ministries including Christian camp. In his recent report he shares some of the opportunities that the camp ministry has provided for him to share the gospel.

We keep bringing church members of Emmanuel Church to the campsite who help with different things. We have fellowship in prayer and the Word of God every day. I also use this time to counsel certain people. On July 25th, we took a family to the camp that had recently turned to the Lord where they spent two days. I equipped Dima to share short messages for the church. Nadea, my wife, equips the sisters, teaching them how to cook for the 14 children in foster families. The young sisters can see a new reality this way as they see orphans who have parents and food now. On the other hand, they are taught to look at other people’s needs and try to meet them. We believe that now they can help people in need when they see them.

The pandemic is still a good opportunity to engage in discussions and preach the gospel to people. I preached the Gospel to over 25 people that I met in different contexts. I ask them how they were dealing with the virus and they began sharing with me their opinions on this subject. This is a good time for me to tell them about the worst virus, which is sin, and about its vaccine, the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses us from all sins.

One day, I was sharing the Gospel with a lady and she started yelling at me. She said, “Why do you tell me all these things? Am I the worst sinner?” I didn’t expect such a reaction, but I remembered that the Gospel is scandalous because it stirs up the spirits of those impoverished in sin, either for salvation or for damnation. So I told her that we were all sinners, but the good news is that we can be forgiven if we repent and believe tyhe gospel.

I spent two days with four boys: Emi (15), Darian (14), Dan (16), and Samy (14). They came to help at the camp and we had long breaks for fellowship. I am so glad that we can use these times for fellowship in prayer and the Word so that they can grow in the truth. I worked with these boys and I think this will have an impact on their lives as they learn that we must be responsible for everything we do.

I am a member of the committee for the rights of the children at risk. We have a meeting once a month and, during the last meeting, I told my nine colleagues that there was a virus worse than the Coronavirus. I shared the Gospel with them through tracts. And I called them to faith, challenging them to get closer to the Lord.

Some reporters from the national television came to interview us about our ministry at the camps and I was able to share the Gospel with them.