To My praying and supportive Bretheren,

First of all I would like to thank the Lord for what he has done through you. Thank you for all your support and love which is very essential for a missionary like us. I truly hope that the Lord will truly bless your ministry and heart for mission.

I continue pray for you. As I penetrate in H. Township and doing soul winning, the Lord graciously allowed to meet this two family, and now we have Bible study every week. We are now about eight people in our Bible study. I praise the Lord for the progression.

I am also helping the youth camp in a Baptist Church which my father is pastoring. It has been almost one month already. We have about 40 young people who have come-these are the result of our soul winning and visitation. And some of them are now preparing even to go to Bible college. I thank God for the amazing hand of God. Actually, we didn’t have any fund for this but we moved on by faith and the Lord truly provided what we need. This is truly the product of Faith in God.

Thank you,

Soem A.