January Mission Report

First of all, I praise God for showing me the way and allowing me to share His words till this very moment. God is the greatest, and I am so grateful to be able to involved in His ministry, though undeservingly. God’s blessings, once again has been very profound in the month of December.

On December 6, I had a privilege to attend the missionary training in B.S.T (Biblical School of Theology). On the 8th I heard the news that my wife had delivered a baby boy. Through my evangelism at B.S.T among the children there was one person who was born again, and I was able to discuss more about Christianity with him.

On December 30, we had a Christmas celebration in our church. We were also blessed with 2 students from B.S.T who could join us and help us with our December soul-winning program.

With the church members, we had a Bible study together.

His servant, Nakaji Ro