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We have had a slower month than usual this July. Part of the reason has been that our son Luka became sick and had to go to the medical clinic. Still, after the doctors connected an IV to him shortly after arriving, he started getting better the next day, and we were able to take him back home after two days. We are thankful to God for healing him through the doctor, the medicine, and through our prayers.

We thank God for the monthly financial support from HeartCry. It means a lot to us. We don’t know how we would have made ends meet if not for this support from HeartCry. It is a big blessing that we can use this money to also help with raising our chickens; which; besides providing food for our family, we pray that this will become prosperous enough to support our family in the future fully. 

One of the leaders in our discipleship group is Dara, who runs an orphanage with 26 children. This month we were all able to meet again, but this time we were able to bring our wives and children to meet each other for the first time. This was a blessing of Christian fellowship, and a lot of new friendships began. 

I thank God for this meeting at Dara’s house to learn about techniques to raise chickens, both for food for our own families and as a small business. We learned how to make chicken feed, take care of our chicken pens and nesting areas, and protect our chickens from infection. We are looking forward to seeing our chicken raising business increase from this new knowledge.

Our church members are doing good by God’s grace. Even though many people have been sick and some have been hospitalized, we thank God that He continues his works in each of our lives to draw us closer to him both hard times and in good times. 

We thank God that we can still continue do the work for God’s kingdom to share the Gospel with all that is happening right now. We don’t have any new believers this month, but God tells us not to lose heart. 

Many people believe in idols and sorcerers in Cambodia. Please pray that God will protect His children from turning away and that He will continue showing the truth to those who belong to Him. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Sincerely, Kon