Dear loving and supportive friends,


Time is moving on while we are serving the Lord, realizing that we don’t have much more days to live in this world as we know Jesus is coming soon. However ,we will never give up working for him, we need to be faithful till he comes. Thank you so much for your prayer and support which is such a great blessing to us.


I have been praying to be able to preach and teach to the lost people around us. So as we worked out week after week, eventually the doors were somehow open, and we were able to share the gospel with lots of people next to our town. There were around 60 adults came and listened our preaching, and also we taught more than 20 kids a Sunday school lesson that day. Although people were somehow touched by the gospel, they still need more time to come to the saving faith. So please pray for the ministry here since the people here quite stubborn. But we move on by the grace of God and believe that God will do great and mighty things and we also distributed a lot of tracts.

Your partner in Christ, Bro. Htat Win