Adonai Church New Meeting Place

Costel Ghioanca pastors Adonai Church in Bucharest, Romania. Recently, in response to the prayers and fasting of the church faith family, God miraculously answered by providing a new place for corporate worship and fellowship. In this month’s report he shares the exciting details:                                              

Dear brothers as sisters,

May God bless you all and continue to strengthen you in ministry. He is at work here in Romania and in Adonai church. We are blessed to see how our Lord is continuing to build up His kingdom. I will share with you some highlights about ministry:

Prayer and fasting for 30 days

God led us to start a time of fasting and prayer for 30 days. We know that we depend on God in everything and want to ask him to work in us and through us. He already started to answer some specific prayer requests, therefore, we are very encouraged. Also we added Ukraine on our prayer list. There is so much suffering in Ukraine because of the war and our prayer is that God will bring peace in this land.

Evangelistic outreach on February 26th

As spring is coming, we resumed our evangelistic endeavors. I encouraged our church members to come in Crangasi Park to share the Gospel with people. Some of them came and we had good discussions. Also, we offered Gospel tracts to those we met. It was cold outside and there were not as many people in the park as we expected. However, we managed to interact with some. While they are generally open for discussions, they are reluctant to make a decisive step to follow Christ. Pray for those who heard the Gospel. May God touch their hearts and search their souls!

A new meeting place for Adonai church

We prayed to God for a new meeting place and He answered! Let me share the story with you. It is quite challenging for us to find a place for church meetings in Bucharest and among the reasons why is the expense. Also, people are reluctant to rent a place to a church. They don’t want to associate with ‘repenters’. So it was a struggle for us to find a meeting place. I looked everywhere and, eventually, we came up with some alternatives. But nothing was quite what we needed. There were some spaces for rent in a conference building (World Trade Center Bucharest), but I never had the courage to call and ask for a room. It seemed unattainable. However, the day we were supposed to have our board meeting to decide what to do next, I made a phone call. The lady who talked to me was very kind and agreed that we could meet as a church there. I explained to her what we want to do and she still remained open. Then she sent me an e-mail offering us a huge discount for that conference room. Moreover, by God’s grace, we managed to rent some spaces for the children’s meeting and were amazed to see this happening. Actually, she wrote to me to say how much she appreciated the ministry that we were doing. We have no doubt that this a miracle! He answered our prayers! Please continue to pray for Mrs F., the sales manager, who was so kind with us. May God bless her and give her salvation!

Preaching and counseling

I continued to preach form 2 John and provide spiritual counselling to our church members. Moreover, I continued to prepare a young man for baptism. We have special meetings to talk about the basic doctrines of the Bible.

Thank you so much for your love and support! We really appreciate you all very much!

Costel and family