Mountains In Peru

This year has already been a year of great blessing for me because through this pandemic, God is bringing many people to repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus. 

Initially, in March and April, everyone was in a state of great alarm in every town. They closed the roads to the highways and the local vigilante groups did not allow anyone to leave the towns or preach in any place. However, in our town, the local authorities gave us permission to meet as a church every other Sunday and they let us travel to some of the little communities near our town to preach. 

Each time we preached, people from the community gathered to hear the Word of God. We preached on Saturday nights and then we invited them to walk the hour or so distance to our church to meet with us again on Sunday morning. Many of the people who listened at night also came and gathered with the brothers and sisters on Sunday.

Nicomedes Saavedras Church In Pacaipampa

Eventually, the local authorities had a meeting and they decided that instead of every other week, we should have our church services every Sunday. They came to this decision because they know that when we gather together on Sundays we adore the Creator of heaven and earth and that we plead with the Lord to have mercy on the souls of the people and to take this virus away. 

Every Sunday people are coming to the church to hear the Word of God and people are repenting. In fact, the building has filled up with people and we are now in the process of making the building larger so that it can hold our new brothers and sisters. 

Nicomedes Junio 2020

On June 25-26, I traveled to a place called Vega del Punto, which is a day’s walk in the shape of a horseshoe around the mountain. I visited four pastors in that region that meet every month for an entire night of prayer for the churches. They are hearing of how people are repenting and how church buildings are filling up with new believers. We ask you to pray for us that we would be able to be minister well to our brothers and sisters.