Feburary was an exciting month for ministry in Cambodia. I was able to teach English to children in the Children’s Club and also taught the young people from the Bible. Besides the outreach to young people in our villages, I also prepared sermons for Sunday service each week and visited our church members.

Beside experiencing happiness from the outreach in the community and the growth in our church, I also faced persecution in my evangelism to my neighbors. They have mocked at me and neglect the gospel. However, one girl approached me and asked very simple question. Thank God that she is open to my answer to her of how our God could able to forgive people sins, even when people have sinned a lot. I tried to explain to her how powerful and gracious is our God and that He is able to forgive all men’s sins through Jesus’ death on the cross. However, there are still consequences for our actions and disobedience, but spiritually God is able to cleanse and forgive once we confess and believe in His Name. I have been encouraged by this girl who sincerely wants to know God.