Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my thanks to God for His guidance and protection in my life and also thanks to HeartCry for giving us the biblical teaching which is very helpful in my life to grow in the Lord and also in the ministry.

In the grace of God, the church of Karan Dada is going well. Five families migrated from the village; three believers are now joining fellowship. The believers of Siluwa are growing in the Lord. Youth are growing in the Lord and learning the Word of God. Children are also growing in the Lord.

People are coming less in Ghorli K. Most of them came to church with wrong motivations and some believers are from a Pentecostal background. They focus on dreams, healing, tongues, etc.. Some others came for just physical healing. Another reason is that there are false teachings around and they are influencing to the people. I couldn’t visit them time to time because of my sickness. Now only seven people are joining the fellowship. In the strength of God I am teaching the truths to those who are remaining. I am telling them about the importance of spiritual healing in Christ, sin, and Christ’s works for our salvation. May God give them a heart of understanding in His truth.

Almost more than three weeks I have gone through some physical problems. But by the grace of God, I am doing ok. The more I get older, the more physically weak I get- but yet, I’m getting stronger spiritually.

Once again thanks to God for His strength to do His works in the midst of sickness and in difficult situations. May God bless you.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the believers that they may grow in true teaching. Pray for the believers of Ghorli K. that they may stand in the true faith. Pray for the youth for their marriage and may God protect them from the worldly things. Please pray for my health.