Greeting to you in the Name of Jesus Christ. In the grace of God the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well. The believers of Ghorli Kharka are growing in the Lord, especially Mrs. Bhagawati. She is not only guiding other women, but also guiding her father out of false teaching.

In the grace of God, Mrs. Duripa is also growing in God’s Word. She has been attending the church for one year now. She has been sharing the gospel with her husband. He has began attending the fellowship. Now, I am sharing the gospel with him. May the Lord open his heart and mind and come to the knowledge of saving faith.

Please pray for Mr. Om. He is widower, and has a small son. I am counseling him about remarriage. I am guiding him in God’s Word. It seems as if he is a believer, but still needs growth in God’s Word, as he had no previous knowledge of reformed teaching. He seems to have understood the biblical teaching regarding salvation and marriage. May God guide him to understand His Word so that he may know more of Him in the coming days.

The believers of Siluwa are going well. We have youth fellowship on Friday. I am teaching them from the book

“Truth About Man.”

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mrs. Duripa and Babisara’s husbands. They may continue the fellowship and may grow in the Lord. Pray for me and the ministry.