Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This has been a rough time for me personally, as I lost my mother to cancer. She was 83 years old. Before she passed away, my family shared the gospel with her again and again, but we don’t know about her faith in Christ. We are unclear in this situation, but we praise God we were able to share the gospel with her many times. Thank God for his comfort to us in this situation.

As you know, I am not able to attend the church of Ghorlikharkha due to persecution and threats, but I am communicating with them through phone calls. Mr. Terry goes there sometimes to encourage them. Due to the opposition, he goes another route, by foot, spending many hours walking over the mountains. May the Lord give him strength and grace as he reaches out to them. My heart is burdened for this small local church and I’m praying that the Lord would raise up a local leader there. Please join me in prayer.

In these days, I am spending more time in my studies. I admit that in previous days I had neglected the biblical truth. I felt sorrow over my sin, and I have repented from this mistake. Praise God that He never let me go astray from His truth. Through the recent RBS training, He is helping me understand deeper truths. In the last training, Pastor Jim and Pastor John taught us on

“The Doctrine of Salvation.”

I was deeply moved by this truth, and I am convinced that no man can boast in their salvation, for it is the gift of God. We are all sinners saved by grace. Although it is difficult for me to understand all that the brothers taught, I can say that their teachings make me kneel down to Christ in worship, thankful to Him for His mighty grace in my life. Thanks to HeartCry and to those brothers for teaching such truth, which helps me to stand and proclaim the truth of Christ till my death. Please do pray for me that I may not go astray from His truth, but rather, God would give me a heart to seek His truth and to live for Him.

Nowadays, I meet with brother Terry and brother Kirk every Thursday to prepare the message for the Saturday church services. We are preparing sermons from the Gospel of John. After finishing the Bible studies, we talk about any issues that are taking place in our churches, in hopes to solve any problems. Thanks to God for using all three of us to take care of His church. May the Lord give knowledge and wisdom.

I praise the Lord for everything that He has done in my life. In the midst of difficulties, He holds me and my children. We miss my mother, but God is sustaining us. I would like to thank HeartCry and the HeartCry donors for your prayers for my family. Thank you for helping me grow in the truth. May God bless you all.