In the grace of God the weekly church services are going well. But it is quite difficult to go to Ghorli for service because of the monsoon season. Because of the recent landslide, roads are blocked. So now days I am going by foot. We don’t have many attending this church; only 15 people. Some of them are baptized and some are not yet. Those who are not yet baptize, they are willing have baptism- but we are taking our time. Most of them are old and they don’t understand the Nepali language properly. They speak their mother tongue so it is difficult for us to communicate. Because of this, I am facing difficulties to make understand God’s word known to them. I hope that God will work and bring them into His kingdom.

The believers of Karna Dada are going well. Some families have migrated to town for their children’s education. I am guiding those who are attending the church. The parents who are migrating for their children’s education are also attending the Saturday service. They couldn’t attend the cottage meetings. I am also visiting these parents and their children, encouraging them to follow Christ in all times.

The church of Siluwa is going well. The believers are growing in God’s Word. In the grace of God, the youth are memorizing Bible verses. I am spending more time with this youth and guiding them in God’s words. I am encouraging them to be a witness for Christ. Among this youth Mr. Kashep, Mr. Sunil, and Mr. Hum are in Butwal at the training center. They are studying their collage studies and learning God’s words. Mr. Terry is doing good in his Bible study.

I would like to thank brother J.S. for teaching us God’s Word and encouraging us to be a good servant of Christ. I learned many things from this conference, but still many things I have to improve in my life for His ministry. By God grace, what I have learned and understood I will apply myself and teach in my Church. May God guide me to extend His kingdom.  

I would like to give thanks to God for His protection. Last month I was seriously sick and had no food for 5 days. But my God is gracious that he recovered me from the sickness. It is my prayer that God may help me to do His works as He wants. God is guiding me in the midst of sickness, difficulties, and in many things. I do thank HeartCry for your great love, prayers, guidance, and true teachings. Thank you for opening your heart to extend His kingdom with us. God may bless you all.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the believers that they may grow in the Lord. Pray for the believers children for their good education and at the same time they may have fellowship with God. Please pray for my health and the ministry that God has given to me.