In the grace of God my health is better than the previous month. It is my thanks to God for His strength to extend His kingdom, and to look after His church. In my previous report I had mentioned about the church of Ghorli Kharka. I am telling the truth, and making the clear understanding to them on their wrong motivation about Christ, and their expectation in Christ. Still, they want physical healing and prosperity in their life. Most of them are willing to receive baptism in order to get salvation. According to Hindu concept they immerse themselves into the water in order to receive salvation. The Christians have same concept on baptism. Because of these wrong concepts on baptism, many people discontinue to come to church because they have not really known Christ. I am telling about the baptism and encouraging them to immerse first in Christ for their salvation. They need a new birth in Christ. It is very difficult to make them understand these teaching because of the other influences by other church teachings (patterns which are not biblical).

It is my prayer that God may give me strength and wisdom to teaching a right teaching. May God open their hearts to hear the truth and live according to His Words.

Prayer Requests: Pray for the people, that they may understand the truth and may come to Christ truly. Pray for my health and the ministry.