By the grace of God the month of February has been truly a great joy for me to see God’s providing hand over several things that He entrusted and He has been doing before in my ministry. Praise God that in His perfect timing by last October 2015, the Lord gave me another great opportunity to teach English to some children in a community among the families of the lower economy. There are about 7-10 children who are actively coming to join English class every Monday afternoon at 5 pm. On the other hand, I still do teach English to the children on a regular basis in a community among the Sundanese families who work as household helpers and drivers. There are 6 children from elementary school to Senior Highschool who come regularly every Monday evening at 7 pm to study together.

In His unchanging grace the Lord also cross my path with one girl from my house church fellowship and gave me a privilege to disciple her and have accountability partner time with her every Saturday evening. I’m so humbled by the opportunity to study the Word of God using the intensive Bible study method through the book of Galatians and read/discuss the catechism book regularly each week together using “An Orthodox Catechism 1680. Hercules Collins & C. H. Spurgeon Catechism”.

I ask for your fervent prayers that the Lord might continue to:

  1. Help me to grow more in God’s grace and knowledge of Him
  2. Inclined my heart to delight in His law and statues that brings so much joy and empower me to labor in the Gospel faithfully
  3. The children ministry and these children’s families, the community in these two different locations who engaged with me that they will come to understand the true Gospel, they will know the one true God, they will fully accepted and honor God’s word and have faith to wholeheartedly follow Christ in God’s appointed time.
  4. Bring spiritual maturity through God’s word in the life of the girl that I discipled. As we read and discuss through the catechism book, the Holy Spirit brought conviction in her heart over baptism and we are in prayer now for her baptism in the near future.
  5. Strengthen me, guide me, use me, work through me, conform me to the image of His Son in the labor that He entrusted me and that He might be glorified in this country.