Dear friends and supporters,

First of all I would like to give our best greetings and love to you, friends and supporters, who are loved by God and kept in Jesus Christ. May His grace, peace and love be yours in abundance. It is by God’s great grace and love that my whole family and I are being kept safely and healthily throughout the previous month. Every member in my family supports and helps each other in the ministry and to live a godly life to glorify the name of God. Therefore, we were blessed so much in the bumper harvest recently.

Thank God, within this month, I have taught Bible doctrine and baptized 4 members in my local church. It was by God’s grace that every Saturday of this month I had opportunities to visit, pray, and encourage the believers in my church. I also had the opportunity to gather together with some brothers in the local area. We shared a lesson and studied the Bible together. By these activities I am blessed and encouraged and my faith is strengthened more and more.

I pray to God that the Holy Spirit continues to guide my life. I also remember to pray for you, my friends and brothers in God, who are dedicated to support us in our ministry in Vietnam. Your support does mean a lot to us. May God keep pouring His special care and blessing on all of you. I would like to give my most sincere thanks to HeartCry. Please continue praying for our ministry in Vietnam.


Pastor Hieu